Supermarket Centralny is one of the oldest stores of the capital of Belarus.

The history of this supermarket starts from 1954, when a small grocery store was built on 23 Nezavisimosti Avenue. The supermarket got its fame only in 1977, when the store moved to the second floor and the first floor got occupied by a cafeteria with rich interior design, that became an embodiment of the luxury of the Soviet time.

Today Сentralny is one of the most famous supermarkets in Minsk. It has become a favorite place for visits and purchases for different generations of residents and tourists of the Belarusian capital.

The cafeteria is particularly attractive due to the interior with its Soviet-style design noted for magnificent bas-relieves and fretwork, outstanding showcases and chandeliers. The specified peculiarities became a symbol of the store and a real architectural value of the city, which attract an interest of foreign tourists. The cafeteria is also famous for its longest bar counter in Europe. Standing behind this bar counter you can enjoy a beautiful view of the central avenue of Minsk.

On the cafeteria menu, one can find a good choice of desserts that would evoke childhood memories: tartlets with glair cream, “Kartoshka” cakes, milkshakes. The flagship product is “Mechta” cake with its unique taste that has wined the hearts of the different generations of Minsk residents. Today the cake has a small-size option that fully imitates the taste of the original product.

Supermarket Centralny is a special place, where lots of stories and fateful meetings have taken place. It has its own culture and soul that every visitor can’t help feeling.

We invite you to visit our cafeteria, to drink a cup of invigorating coffee with a legendary tartlet, to enjoy a beautiful view of the central avenue. Here you will enjoy moments of peaceful nostalgia for the Soviet time while watching the busy city life outside, relax a bit and spend a nice time chatting with an old friend.


Yours faithfully, Supermarket Centralny!

Supermarket Centralny

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